Friday, 8 November 2013

You Want To Be Happy?

     It's true that the pursuit of happiness, by default, embraces its opposite polarity - unhappiness - it can be no other way. However, at the point of equilibrium between all opposites sits the pure clarity of simply being.

Being can sound kind of uninteresting to some because it doesn't sound all that exciting, and in fact it isn't exciting at all; neither is it depressing. Being, being in equilibrium, also has no expectations - therefore it isn't disappointed. It doesn't like this and hate that - being simply is.

Being is what is. And the wonderful part about being is that it contains within it what some have called bliss, or joy, or love . . .
Being is whole and complete - it is reality - the reality of wo/man before the conditioning sets in - and when all opposites are in equilibrium one can drop down into being and simply be what is, love what is and live joyously as what is . . .

. . . but don't get me wrong, one can also call a spade a feckin spade and not a shovel!

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