Monday, 4 October 2010

Where is the fruit? Well it is harvest festival . . .

Hello Friends of Fruit,

   Welcome back to the fruit of Life blog! Thanks for returning to the fold once more, where have you been? I've written so many posts over these past few months and there's been no one here to read them! What do you mean there haven't been any posts on here for some time; are you a fruit and nutcase? 

   No, you're not a fruit and nutcase . . . I apologize, I've been away from here . . . I started this blog with good intentions but then I found I had so many other commitments to run with . . . that . . . well something had to give. And as a consequence my blogs, yes, all of them, have suffered as I've been active with other aspects of life. But . . . I'm back, and I'd like to continue with our theme . . . the fruit of Life . . if you'll let me? It is something that is vitally important to both of us, isn't it? I do hope we're in full agreement . . . especially as we are bang in the middle of the harvest festival here . . and fruit abounds!

The fruit of Life is . . . Life Itself!

Now, the fruit of life is Life itself! Wow, did I just hear an echo? Life is full of Fruit. Or we could say that life is fruitful, couldn't we . . and that is a well known saying in itself, yes? But not everyone thinks that life is fruitful, and because some folk have this kind of negative thought process going on, well, for them life is not fruitful. Now, I know that you can probably quite happily tell me how tough life is, if not for you, perhaps for others, and I do understand how difficult living in this man made world can be, but I'm here to tell you that if your life isn't fruitful, and if your life appears to be a mess, well . . . you, yes you, can do something about it!

We seem to live in a world full of people and personalities for whom responsibility is a word that seems to be bucked. Is that a real word, or did I just make it up, bucked? Hold on a mo, I'll just check my online Dictionary.....

. . . dum, dee, dum, dee, dum . . .

. . no, it is a real word! As in to buck, which is what I'm getting at here . . the passing of the buck!

Buck passing seems to go hand in hand with saying that "I'm not responsible for my life". Um, since when?

You'll have noticed, no doubt, that people are generally only too happy to accept all the praise they get when things are going well, when they are successful in a venture for example, but what happens when things are going badly? Hm, well that's when one most needs to take responsibility. Why? So that one can do something to turn things around.

Anyway, what's all this got to do with anything? Well this blog post is all about our mental approach, it's about attitude of mind and understanding that . . .

"What You Acknowledge in Life, is what You get back from Life".

What is your fruit like? I mean the fruit of your life, is it good, are you content with it, does it satisfy you? Are you fulfilled? Or does your fruit of Life School Report read: Could Do Better?

Whatever your answer, and there is no good or bad about it, there is one vital piece of information that you have to know in order to move forward, in order to improve that School Report, in order to enjoy a more wholesome and mouth watering fruit of Life, and that is? Here goes, you have to realise that . . .

You Are The fruit of Life!

Yes, shocking, isn't it? But it's also true, and I'm going to do my utmost to prove this point to you in your own direct experience over the coming weeks and months.

Let me start with a question. You are alive are you not? Just in case you're having a bad day, and you need to upgrade your memory chip, the answer is "Yes, I am alive!" Well done, you just scored 100% on the first test paper! You are indeed alive, and what does that mean? It means that you are life on earth. Not the only life form, for sure . . but you are life itself.

There have been TV programmes about life on earth, and even though those programs were magnificent in their own way, they didn't really focus on real life, no, they focused on second hand life; life that is separate and apart from the life you are. I'm talking about that wonderful series entitled 'Life on Earth' presented by Sir David Attenborough, you may have seen them? Don't get me wrong about those programmes, they were a wonderful documentation of forms of life on earth . . but 'Life on earth' itself? Hm, well in my own experience there is a difference. You see, those TV programmes talk about life as if it is separate from you, but is it? Are you not life? You agree that you are alive . . I know that you do . . so, are you not life on earth? Are you not first hand life? Well, whatever your answer, there's food for thought in what I've written here, right?  Look again . . .

I'm saying that You are The Fruit of Life.

What does that mean for you? It means that everything that grows within the garden of your life has been sown by you; you are the gardener. You reap the harvest. You really can't separate out life from you. Now, accepting that is an almighty step forward in terms of self-responsibility, and it isn't necessarily an easy thing to do . . but that is the task in hand. Also, if the harvest of your life is good, well it's enough to put you in festive spirits, not just during the harvest, but throughout your whole life, and within every activity of your life.

Ruby's Harvest Festival Box.

  Over the coming weeks and months we will look at this subject in greater detail, but there will be some posts that deviate greatly from this subject matter, and even this particular format. Sometimes, if I consider a short post to be of value, I may well throw in a few quick words here and there . . or a video etc. So there will be longish posts like these, and they will be interspersed with short sharp posts that may be humorous, serious or a mix of the two . . who knows for sure until it all unfolds? (wink, wink ;-)  

I hope you'll continue to enjoy this blog even if it does shamelessly promote my other activities as 1Yogi2Many and my work as an EFT practitioner and a WV Representative etc; all these activities represent opportunities for me to share some fruit with you; and you should go ahead and share your fruit right back at me . . Splat!

Now, whether you choose to enjoy my fruit is entirely up to you my friend. My responsibility is to share my fruit with you, your responsibility is simply to decide if the taste of the fruit is good!

If you do enjoy the taste of the fruit on this blog, will you do me one big favour? Will you share its fruit with others? Word of mouth is both the King and Queen when it comes to growing our fruitful blogs, businesses and our particular interests. And so I would really appreciate it if you would consider letting others into our little secret here, and I'll do the same for you . . many thanks.

Ready for a fruitful joke now? OK, this one is more of a pun I guess:

When I bought some fruit trees the nursery owner gave
me some insects to help with pollination.
Yes, they were free bees.

Warning: The author takes no responsibility for the safety of anyone who decides to go on holiday with the gorillas in, or out, of the mist. Whilst there, if you do choose to exchange a glance with a gorilla, be sure to have your life saving fruit with you; preferably a bunch of bananas.

  Many thanks for returning to, and reading, the fruit of life blog, which I've returned to posting on! I do hope that this time our fruit will self-seed, grow fresh plants and in due course produce another harvest . If you've enjoyed this particular post, and even if you haven't, it would be good to receive your comments in the space below. I'll be sure to harvest them in my heart . . .

All the best for now,

Doug :-)


  1. Fruity. I'll have to come back and digest this some more. 1Zenguywith2Muchinhismouth

  2. David! Thanks for the visit . . you're not eating those bananas are you, you might need them . .



  3. Love bananas. Brought two to work with me today. 1bananaleft2eat

  4. Ah, but do you use them in smoothies as well? That's my preferred way to use and consume them